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Band Members

CJ Atrain: Vocals
Rich Atrain: Guitar
RC Hernandez: Guitar, Vocals
Michelle Chapman: Bass, Vocals
Armando Grito Lopez: Drums, Vocals


Animal Train was formed by Rich & CJ back in 2007 in Upper Darby, PA. We played around the east coast as a 3 piece until we relocated to Austin, TX in early 2011.
We met up with a drummer and started doing shows right away. We later expanded to a 4 piece adding a new bass player and CJ took over on lead vocals.

In early 2017 we decided to beef up our sound so we added a second guitar player to our lineup to help fill things out.

Some have since hopped off the train but we still roll on doing what we do. We're still at it putting out music and doing shows.  This is a labor of love we do this because we love it.

Past Members

Bob Warner: Drums, Vocals
Chris Lamon: Bass, Vocals
Jeremy Collins: Drums, Vocals
John Metcalf: Bass
Tron Carter: Drums, Vocals